World Congress on Disaster Management (WCDM) has pledged to honour the stakeholders who have contributed immensely in various facets of the Disaster Management Cycle. The congress envisages to recognize champions in DISASTER RISK REDUCTION (DRR) for rendering their selfless service and bringing innovation in managing the natural and man-made disasters including pandemics and biological disasters and in mitigating their impact on the society.


The varying degree of geological, hydrometeorological and biological disaster events across the Globe has been increasing at an alarming rate. It is attributed to tampering of the geophysical nature, change in the environmental conditions and result of over exploitation of economic resources besides urban suburbs in and around the vulnerable settings of the emerging urban center. Further in the last two years, the entire world has come to a standstill and subjected to several lockdowns due to the global pandemic.

It is now time to acknowledge the importance of those engaged in the field of Disaster management and give them due appreciation and recognition to motivate and encourage further to improve their skills and bring more innovations in all the facets of DM cycle to bring succor to mankind at large.

WCDM has commissioned a special jury to identify through a rigorous process of screening nominees who have been rendering yeomen service to humanity facing the rigor and ominous impact of disasters.


In 2021, due to the Global Pandemic that has ravaged the world and took away approximately 5 million lives; health workers (doctors, nurses, lab technicians, paramedics and other volunteers risked their lives. Though many lost their lives from them, numerous “unsung heroes” emerged as Covid Warriors, at the international, national, sub-national and local levels. They have risked their lives and cared for the infected, both in physical health and psycho-social well-being. Many who worked at the last mile would not even be known to the world. 5th WCDM will be recognizing these unsung heroes, as an integral part of the World Congress proceedings.


The award ceremony will be solemnized in the month of April 2022, New Delhi in the presence of a large gathering of national and international dignitaries. These awards will be conferred on to those scientists, researchers, policymakers, practitioners and responders at different stages of DM and Pandemic cycle, who have excelled in their field by way of bringing in new practices, improving the existing one, upgrading the tools and skills of practitioners and innovating the new areas, besides those who during emergencies have displayed exemplary valor and courage to reach, rescue and save lives, livestock and properties.

The ceremony will be followed by a gala dinner night, where top representatives from the various Governments, CSOs, Film Industry, Sports, Business houses & Corporates, Media, etc. will also be present to witness the event and share the experiences.


The facilitation is envisaged to recognize and honour those engaged in the entire Disaster Management / Pandemic Cycle. The categories identified for the recognition and awards are:

1. Disaster Preparedness for Effective and Efficient Disaster Risk Management (DRM) :
  • 1.1 Academicians forging innovative approaches through Research & Development
  • 1.2 New Trends and Innovations in Capacity Development
  • 1.3 Forecast, Early Warning Systems & Preparedness
  • 1.4 Risk Mapping and Analysis harnessing new technologies
  • 1.5 Development of Risk Resilient Infrastructure
  • 1.6 Innovations in Mitigation and Adaptation
  • 1.7 Pioneering and Scalable initiatives in Ecosystem Management
  • 1.8 Innovation in Resources Mobilization & Logistics Management
  • 1.9 Policy Planning and Influencing New Regulations
2. Efficient and Exemplary Disaster Management (during disasters) :
  • 2.1 Pandemics, Biological Disasters
  • 2.2 Natural and Human-induced Disasters
  • 2.3 Role of Media in Awareness creation, Search & Rescue Operations
3. Post-Disaster Management:
  • 3.1 Innovative Real Time Data Management
  • 3.2 Post Disaster Need Assessment practices and innovations
  • 3.3 Good Practices in Rehabilitation
  • 3.4 Built Back Better Reconstruction and Owner Driven Reconstruction Practices


Nominations are hereby invited in the specified format from concerned individuals / departments / institutions, of the Government, Civil Society, Philanthropists, Academia, Scientific Community, practitioners and all other stakeholders engaged in the above fields.

Last Date for Nominations: 15th March, 2022 – 5pm

Nominations may be sent by post or through email addressing to: convenor@wcdm.co.in

World Congress on Disaster Management (WCDM) is an initiative of DMICS, which brings scientists, researchers, policymakers, and practitioners from across the globe together to discuss the challenging issues of Disaster Management. WCDM was started in 2005. The first WCDM was blessed and inaugurated by the former President Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. So far, five editions of WCDM have been held.

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